Unit 5 – Self Evaluation From




LEVEL: 2nd Year

STUDENT NAME: Harry Weller


With reference to the Learning Outcomes for the Unit write a summary or bullet point list of what you consider to be:


the key achievements of your work on the unit (maximum 100 words)

–  Producing an intimate range of images, with not an obvious composition to the viewer at first glance, leaving the interpretation to the viewer, may see a link with landscapes in several images for example- A looped film of private drawings I didn’t want the viewer to dwell on, being in control of how long the image could be viewed was a success.- I feel as though I achieved my initial plan to capture and an atmosphere more than a direct image.



the most useful things that you learnt (maximum 100 words)


–       Shooting with an 8 mm camera, experimenting with shutter speeds, stop start animation-       Creating animation through drawings and paintings by careful edit on final cut-       Analogue still has its pros over digital, and how to maximise the most out of an analogue process

–       Working with a group of people for PPD

–       Orgainising/curating an exhibition

–       Working with an art charity

–       Working with press, archiving, inventorying, selling



the issues that you found challenging and how you set about overcoming them (maximum 100words)


–       Showing images I wanted to show but not have the viewer dwell on, or over analyse, for personal reasons, and then overcoming this by inserting them in an animation to control how long they are on show for and what speed they are showed at.-       Whether or not to show the original works or just the looped animation, after viewing both together I though they worked well together but preferred to show at this time just the moving image. 


List what you now consider to be the main areas for development that you intend to focus on in the next unit? (maximum 100 words)


–       more experimenting with 8mm film, and learning different techniques-       more filming personal interests to use at a later date, building up library of the way I think, and confront daily activities-       more righting journals and diary

–       checking college email more often

–       collaborate with other students

–       sculpture and do my metal workshop



Signed by Student:


Signed by Tutor:


Date received:



Drawing Sequence short statement


Continuing in an autobiographical way in my practical work, i have taken older projects further, by continuing to explore my body and thought patterns through a series of drawings.

This moving image is made from 432 drawings, paintings and works on paper. Each of the drawings I persistently repeat in notebooks, sketchbooks, condensation on windows, split liquids on the table etc. these images are personal and immediate. This is a documentation of the images I keep repeating, images of abstract structures, confusion, self-portraits, my body, my religion, my beliefs and questioning.


Mixed in with the abstract shapes, figures are some cropped studies of my body taken from photographs. Mixing “reality” with these images in my mind.


I decided to show the works as an animation for a number of reasons. As an animation you cant focus on one of the works for two long, you cant read the text I’m not ready for people to read, and visually I think it raises more questions as a moving image. A lot of the images I was not comfortable having people stare at and engage with, so this looped film of the quick fast flashing animation was a result. I wanted to control the speed of how long i wanted the viewer to look at the images.


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