Francis Bacon, Emotion

When it comes to work of Francis Bacon it presents a violent look at the first glance and it remains violent and sad as it goes on. Talking a little bit about Bacon himself he found life to be brutal, lonely and violent and he reflected his feelings by painting. Reading from BACON Portrait and Self-Portraits by Milan Kundera he says about Bacon: “He talks like an orphan. And he is one” In one of the Sylvester interviews: “I think it would be more exciting to be one of a number of artists working together… I think it would be terribly nice to have someone to talk to. Today there is absolutely no one to talk to” These quotes here give us a small idea of Bacon’s life for being alone as an orphan and with no one to talk. This kind of state can make a person mentally unstable and I can suggest that this could explain the work he produces.

Looking at his work we can say straight away that it looks brutally violent. Going into more depth looking at paint, texture and brush strokes; I can say they all have their own place in creating this look. Brush strokes are made fast and curved giving the canvas texture it looks very grainy. I could say that Bacon uses no oil to make the paints softer, he probably likes the hard grainy look because it gives the work a hard look. Those are made from photographs of normal healthy looking people, but Bacon makes them look brutally deformed as if they were beaten, especially this grainy textures makes the look of sand paper. The use of purple, brown, red, blue and green gives an affect of blood, skin, dirt and bruises to the painting of portraits again making it look brutally violent.

Comparing his work to work of other artist like David Salle who favours to paint women’s beauty Bacon prefers to show something that people wouldn’t expect to see, he paints the opposite of beauty but at the same time I would say he creates the beauty too. Although his work is violent its different, combination of colours, texture, brush strokes they all form someone different, it is people who look at them and all they see are distorted faces what makes them feel uncomfortable.

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