Edward Munch

Edward Munch

Edward Munch explored a number of emotions like fear, love, life and death. The paintings he creates concentrate mainly on these sections that come from life experience. Munch was born in 1863, his mother died few years later leaving him with his very religious father and sister. His father, Christian Munch, was a medical officer. Being poor the family would move around often and Edward Much had always been ill what made him miss studies and bring a new experience to life. The experience of death, illness he was suffering from and his father a very spiritual man made him paint in the themes I stated before.
His paintings reflect the illness times that he suffered like “Death in the Sickroom” 1895, “Ashes” 1894 and “The sick child” 1907. These paintings shows us people suffering to illnesses as well as suffering of family around them. Death in the sickroom shows us people standing around a bed where the ill person lies, in the foreground we can spot two main figures. One sitting on a chair with her head down and hands together, other standing up behind it looking also with her hands together. From my perspective I know that the person sitting down shows us how tired, sad is, we can tell from the painting that she is someone very close to the person lying in the bed, someone who cares and hopes – the hand held together. The other person seems like a friend who understands what the other person goes through and by standing next to her makes it look like she takes care of the person in the foreground in a psychological way, I see the hands held together too but they do not seem like she is worried but she gives sympathy to the other person. Colours here are kept dull and sad, people are represented in greys, their faces especially look pale, that could suggest that the artist saw people around him when he was ill that way while they were worried about him. I don’t know exactly how Laura Catharine the mother of Edward Munch died, but I can only speculate that what we see on the painting “Death in the sickroom” is Edward’s representation of his mother’s death, we know she died while her talented son was 5 years old might have remembered this scene from his younger age. Vivid memories of his mother’s death, the painting does not contain a lot of detail, it shows numerous people in specific locations, like a man standing by the wall who doesn’t want to look, this might be the husband, a picture on the wall, bottle under the bed and some flasks on the table. Taking a closer look at the painting, there is a person sitting on the chair by the bed, the three people standing around concentrate on that person by looking at them. I think that might be the sick dead person, who died on a chair. The woman sitting the foreground might be the oldest sister, he hair is red and done in queue making her look young and the only one who really suffers her mother death.

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