Structure Designs


Basic Design,

For structural purposes, im choosing to use 6mm thick perspex. At this thickness, the plastic doesn’t bend when up right. Its important for the structure to have a bold and sturdy aesthetic, as if it were made of glass. I need it to be made of some sort of metal, as wood, would not be able to support the weight of the 6mm Perspex sheets, with out them warping. Aluminium would have been practical due to its lightweight qualities, but it was too expensive and didn’t quite fit the aesthetic had in mind for the over all feel of the structure, so instead, Im planning on using steel. Attached are some drawings of ideas for the space. The hard thing for me is that this structure needs to be able to be assembled and taken down in a room up stairs. This rules out ay pre fabricated ‘box’ or structure that is welded fully. I needed to have this in mind when designing.




I thought about the idea of having the function of being able to slide the perspex in-between the steel columns. This would allow for a stable structure that could stand freely, and where i wouldn’t have to worry about drilling or fixing the perspex to the steel. I was reluctant to drill through the perspex as i know it has a tendency to split. This design would allow me to enter and exit the structure discreetly leaving the structure intact, with no doors. All i would do is slide the sheets back and fourth to gain access.


The problem with this design is that it requires twice the amount of steel. Not an aesthetic i had in mind, and the cost would be doubled with this deign.


Another problem, is that this design could mean that the perspex would be left loose at at a slight angle. Not Ideal.






This drawing shows two bolt options, one a hex bolt the other a flush rivet bolt. Both offering two different aesthetics. I like the look of the Hex bolts. They imply a more sturdy look, or a more industrial feel. One which would suit my vision for the structure.





Final design,

I am to weld six frames of 50mm x 50mm x 5mm thick steel angle. This thickness would ensure stability, whilst holding a masculine, slightly industrial [shop window-idea of voyeurism] aesthetic. The dimensions of the steel angle would also aloo for more support of the perspex sheets, and therefore a greater surface area for the adhesive i shall use to bond it to the steel.

With this idea, the frames would be able be carried upstairs, and through doorways. The idea is that it can be assembled on site in the installation location. To hold the sides of each of the frames, I’m choosing to use four individual angles of steel with the same corresponding drill holes as the frames.




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