Subconscious And Conscious

Both subconscious and conscious thought are presumed to have similar structures and use thesame cognitive operations. The possibilities that subconscious thought is processed in parallel or at “lower”, “earlier” levels than conscious thought pose questions for neuroscientists to answer.Due to additional processing required for conscious expression these operations occur at different speeds and are expressed differently. Perhaps awareness of an intuition occurs on continuum betweesubconscious and conscious thought? This is not to imply that consciousthought necessarily follows an intuition. Subsequent thought becomes consciously expressed if the emotional strength of the correlation, the context and intention demand it. Alternatively, theconscious awareness that an intuition has occurred may be followed by subconscious processing.Similarly, occurrence on a continuum does not imply that irrational, creative, or implausiblethoughts never enter consciousness. It does suggest how the expression of an intuition might become memorable and useful in subsequent subconscious or conscious thought.


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