Floor boards

Flooring for the structure

I want to have a wooden flooring inside the structure, again, to differentiate the internal space from the gallery space. I need that separation. Another reason, perhaps more of a conceptual one, i wanted to replicate the flooring of my kitchen, where this whole process began.

Initially I ordered floor boards of ebay, and when they arrived they were not what i had in mind. As seen below, they were too orange, too fake and not authentic. They gave off the wrong impression. Fortunately I was able to take them back.





What i had in mind was a flooring which was natural and raw. one which would complement the colour of the natural steel angle, and not distract from the performance its self. I felt that the flooring i initially bought was too much of a distraction. I wanted to strip back the element used in the structure. It was important for it to feel authentic or real, and not mass produced or staged. It was about rawness and purity.

Below is a selection of wood i went to look at. With my vision and past research [bourgeoirs cells] in mind, i chose a simple old Victorian pine to use as the flooring.




IMG_8790 IMG_8789 IMG_8788 IMG_8785 IMG_8784 IMG_8793

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