‘Recall’ is understood as a subconscious procedure in the Reflective mode of thought throughwhich content appropriate to a focal subject or situation is selected, retrieved from episodic or long term memory, and brought into short or working memory for processing by the prefrontalcortex. Selection is assumed to be triggered by a match between some pattern of modalinformation in the focal situation and a similar pattern in memory. Both patterns are assumed tomodify each other according to the relative emotional strength of their content. For example, animmediate perception can revise a memory or a memory may change a perception. Recall isassumed to be automatic and subconscious unless it becomes intentional and consciously pursued in the Reflective mode of thought. This switch to conscious thought is assumed to resultfrom the inability to find a successful match between the content of memory and the state of mind manifesting the focal situation. Since partial matches willa bound it is the match with thesmallest number of anomalies that will trigger intentional thought to resolve the partiallymatched condition. Since satisfactory matches between existing knowledge and the focal state of mind are assumed to generate no problematic situation, no anomalous needs or desires trigger intentional thought and subconscious thought continues. At issue is the degree of matchingrequired to sustain subconscious thought. 

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