Advice On Writing A CV

A CV is a tool used to gain ‘at a glance’ a sense of what your experience, interests and abilities are. Prospective employers, institutions, galleries and selectors will usually view it as part of an application that would include a written application and documentation of work.

A CV is not a static document and you will need to regularly review and update your CV for different applications. You may also need to emphasise different aspects of your experience for different applications, for example, a CV for an art application would probably be different from a CV for a job in arts administration and a CV for an MA application may be different from a CV for a grant application. It is advisable to always carefully read the specification for any application and consider this when writing and updating your CV.


You will be given advice and guidance on how to construct various kinds of CVs as part of the Professional Studies Unit.

In Brief an arts related CV would usually be word processed, set out in a straight forward way, printed on white paper with an easy to read font and with most recent exhibition or other achievement first..



2006               BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture, Wimbledon School of Art, London

2002               Foundation in Art and Design, Somewhere or Other, Some Place



2006               The New Work I Have Made, Part 3, Nice Gallery, New York

2005               The New Work I Have Made, Part 2, Easy Gallery, London

2004               The New Work I Have Made, Part 1, Tricky Gallery, Omsk etc etc)


It would usually include the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact details (email, tel, address)
  • Education (Foundation, Degree, MA etc not which school you attended and any evening classes)
  • Solo Exhibitions
  • Group Exhibitions
  • Residencies
  • Awards (any relevant Scholarships, Grants or Awards given for your art practice)
  • Publications
  • Relevant Work Experience (if appropriate)
  • Referees (if requested- applications may require 2 referees, educational (recent tutor or course leader) or from art related professionals- make sure that you have asked these people in advance!)


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