In My Work, It’s The Relationship With The Other Person That Motivates Me

Through out my practice, I create work first of all for myself, secondly for the viewer. I “make” as a form of therapy, a way of dealing with the everyday. A form of escapism, my work is an expansion of my mind, dealing with intrusive thoughts, obsessive behavior, depression and what some would say, “irrational” beliefs. HOWEVER. Saying this, I can’t leave the viewer out completely. I aim to create a sense of intimacy with the audience. Perhaps on a personal level, create a sense of understanding with the viewer where ones feelings and beliefs can be interchangeable with mine. Universal emotions allows for a  sense of intimacy with the viewer.

In a society so fascinated with autobiographical culture, “The most reliable topics for small talk are the goings-on of stars” (Moran, 2004), evident with the wide success of reality television, pop culture and celebrity, confessional art sometimes largely defies public criticism of being emotional blackmail.


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