Seiko Mikami and Voyerism in the work – The Desire of Codes Installation

It was quiet over whelming when i entered ‘Desire of Codes’  installation, by Seiko Mikami. It is comprised of 90 wall-mounted video cameras and six robotic cameras, which are aimed directly at the audience. This surveillance-heavy art piece was installed by the Japanese artist Seiko Mikami, who wanted to create an experience that makes “visitor[s] feel as if [they were] watching memories stored in their brain.”
Basically, the Desire of Codes art installation records visitors (their hair, eyes, bags and more) and then projects these images onto a hexagonal screen in another room. This unique screen gives the images a surreal look that makes them appear as though they are part of a dream come alive. There is no real logic behind what images are shown since it combines footage from different times and days.

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