Structure Design Ideas – Materials

I like the aesthetic of the shop window. The sense of voyeurism is what drew me to wanting to use some sort of metal frame for the structure. For the design, Im taking into account the research I’ve done on artists who manage to contain space in a way i admire, such as virtrines by Anselm Keifer and Joseph Beuys or the cells by Louise bourgeois.




Im choosing to use perspex instead of glass, for several reasons, firstly for cost effective purposes. [Glass is simply too expensive] and for practicality [glass is too heavy to carry around the college, up and down stairs] also for safety reasons [to reduce risk of injury, perspex doesn’t shatter]



For structural purposes, im choosing to use 6mm thick perspex. At this thickness, the plastic doesn’t bend when up right. Its important for the structure to have a bold and sturdy aesthetic, as if it were made of glass.

I need it to be made of some sort of metal, as wood, would not be able to support the weight of the 6mm Perspex sheets, with out them warping. Aluminium would have been practical due to its lightweight qualities, but it was too expensive and didn’t quite fit the aesthetic had in mind for the over all feel of the structure, so instead, Im planning on using steel.

Attached on another page are some drawings of ideas for the space. The hard thing for me is that this structure needs to be able to be assembled and taken down in a room up stairs. This rules out ay pre fabricated ‘box’ or structure that is welded fully. I needed to have this in mind when designing.



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