Self Evaluation For Degree Show Piece




LEVEL: 3rd Year

STUDENT NAME: Harry Weller


With reference to the Learning Outcomes for the Unit write a summary or bullet point list of what you consider to be:


the key achievements of your work on the unit (maximum 100 words)

Managing to contain a space in a way that separates its self from the gallery, while maintaining a voyeuristic sensibility [window display]


Managing to create a space, which becomes my own, where I feel separated from the viewer. This was important for me. I wanted that separation from the audience, yet still control the separation with a physical frame/barrier, so that the viewer is not dismissed entirely. I want to feel as comfortable as I can in this situation and less exposed.


Creating an entire new body of work, performed with in this structure.


Over coming the fact of not allowing people to see the work I make, usualy only in private as Cognitive Therapy. Its all or nothing.





the most useful things that you learnt (maximum 100 words)


I’ve learnt techniques of which I’ve never done before such as welding, woodwork and carpentry, dealing with Perspex and metalwork, and mastics and adhesives


I’ve learnt how to deal with constraints. Dealing with the room, and the fact every thing had to be assembled on site and upstairs etc.


The importance of persistence when it comes to design, and to trust your instincts if your not 100% sure of something




the issues that you found challenging and how you set about overcoming them (maximum 100words)


Firstly, I NEVER intended to show any of my work to anyone, ever. It was purely for myself and my psychiatrist as an exercise, in order to change my thinking habits and thought process’. I honestly thought the only way this work would be seen by anyone else, is after my existence, and that somebody in the future may have liked the work and thought to curate a show long after I’m gone. After several tutorials with Richard I realised that I cant hide all of this forever. I am aspiring to be an artist, and what artist can I be if I can’t show work to any one. It was either all or nothing. Nothing was to turn the lights out.


Secondly, in terms of the structure, I faced many challenges. The main being, ‘How do I make something that can be assembled on site and fit through a door way and up stairs? Also, how to build a structure with my vision in mind, yet being cost effective. This was helped by the use of Perspex instead of glass, and rather than get the steel fabricated externally, being able to cut and weld my own steel saved me greatly in costs. [I had a several quotes]


Finally, issues arose in how I was going to gain access into and out of the structure. Initially I wanted to have a door, but this would structurally weaken the frame, as every thing had to be assembled on site, and not welded fully. The cost also would rise dramatically with any moving parts installed. The other idea was to close off all sides of the structure, and to use a ladder to gain access. The issue with this is that health and safety would mean I would have to leave a ladder in the installation at all times. This would completely change the project and add whole an entirely different and new conceptual influence. Not what I was intending for. The solution was simple, I cut a hole wide enough for my shoulders to fit through in one of the back side panes of Perspex. Discrete enough not to disturb of take any thing away from the structure itself and structural as the steel was not affected in any way.


List what you now consider to be the main areas for development that you

intend to focus on in the next unit? (maximum 100 words)


There is no next unit, but for my future practice I’m going to continue to question my belief patterns and though processes, both for myself and for the viewer, who may or may not be interested.


The next step I will do a Masters. First, I will take a couple of years out to work full time with Tracey, and then apply Ideally to the Royal Academy, but I will be happy anywhere, as long as I continue to make.


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Signed by Tutor:


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